New bus route for Peninsula patients and staff

As of the 1st April 2018 a new no. 42 Plymouth Citybus has begun service and will now be coming through the Business Park, something much needed for patients and staff.

The new timetable can be found here.

( NB just look at the journeys labelled 42 and not 42A/B/C for Monday to Saturday trips. On Sundays the service is called 42C)

To launch the service and also give people the chance to find out about it and other bus services in the City and also about walking , cycling and other active travel options , Plymouth City Council’s Plymotion Team and Plymouth Citybus are teaming up to visit your area.

If you would like copies of timetables delivered to you when they are ready, please let the Plymotion Team know who will be doing a drop off in the area in early April .

For more information on Plymotion see :

Plymouth Citybus Website : or Download the Plymouth Citybus App

For planning a journey on Public Transport see