No more hip pain for Peninsula patient Georgina

Georgina Newland, 65, from Plymouth suffered from knee, hip and back pain for 15 years before treatment on a Mediterranean cruise began a course of action which led to her choosing Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre to have both hips replaced.

Georgina, her husband and her mother went on the cruise in 2014. She said: “By that point the pain was awful. I could barely walk and my knees and back were really hurting.”

She saw the ship’s doctor who gave her a course of massage therapy and acupuncture during the trip. He also advised her to continue the treatment when she got home.

“It helped,” said Georgina, “and after 15 years of creams and tablets it was a relief – although it did not get rid of the pain completely.”

Georgina continued with 12 treatments of massage therapy, even though the muscles in her thighs were so tight to compensate for the pain that she could hardly bear to be touched.

“My knees and hips still hurt,” said Georgina, “so the massage therapist suggested I see a chiropractor. He asked to look at my x-rays and notes, and noticed that there was not an x-ray of my hips. He wrote a letter to my GP suggesting that this should be done. She agreed and I had both hips x-rayed.” 

Two weeks later Georgina’s doctor referred her for her first hip replacement. She was given the choice of Derriford Hospital, Mount Gould Hospital and Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre and she chose Peninsula.

“It was an easy choice to make, because I had heard nothing but good about Peninsula,” Georgina commented.

Georgina came to Peninsula for her pre-operation assessment and her consultant surgeon was astounded by her x-rays, which showed severe arthritis in both hips with holes in the bone the size of a 10p piece.

“When the surgeon told me how bad he thought my hips were and that I should have surgery as soon as possible I burst into tears. He arranged the paperwork there and then and I was assessed by the nurses in outpatients.”

Georgina had her left hip replaced in March 2015 and her right replaced in June the same year.

She said: “The staff were wonderful and really looked after me. I recovered a lot quicker than I first thought and I am really grateful for the care I received – I go back every Christmas with sweets for the team.”

She added: “The operations have changed by life. I did the Race for Life in 2014 and the pain was unbearable. Now I do my exercises, walk and swim, and the great thing is I can get back in the car and drive wherever I like – I couldn’t do that before. If anyone says to me that they need a new hip or knee, I always tell them to go to Peninsula – I can’t praise them enough.”

Mark White, Hospital Director at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre, commented: “We are really pleased to hear that Georgina has been pleased with her care, and that she exercised her right to choose to come to us for her treatment.”

Since 2006, patients around the country have had the right to choose where they receive their NHS treatment yet many people still do not know that this is their right. Provided your GP (or optician for cataract surgery) agrees you need treatment and it is for a procedure carried out at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre, you can choose to go there for your care.